Current Project: ICT Consultant

Start: 01. 01. 2010

Guide and assist in answering to internal IT audit and implement needed changes

Guide and assist in answering to the CBFA internet security riscs guidelines and implement needed changes (CBFA Internet Security Compliancy)

Help implementing business processes in CRM

Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle 10g)

ICT Team Leader

Start: 01. 04. 2008 - End: 31. 12. 2009

IT Operational responsible.
This includes projects and follow-up of the operational activities and follow-up of the Java development team.
We also participate in the Linux and DB administration.
We coordinated or helped coordinating following projects: CRM implementation; CRM integration with native back-office system; Informix -> Oracle migration; BEA Weblogic -> JBoss migration; Datawarehouse

ICT Team Manager

Start: 01. 01. 2007 - End: 31. 03. 2008

As ICT Team Leader we were responsible for the (re-)organisation of the ICT team and it's procedures. The team was a mix of internal and external team members. The goal was to organise the team and it's different responsabilities.
We had two groups of people: System administrators and the Java developers.

Project leader: BCP

Start: 01. 01. 2007 - End: 29. 02. 2008

All Belgian insurance companies need a Business Continuity Plan. Our task was to implement a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan.
Therefor we went looking on the Belgian IT market to find a solid partner who could provide us with the necessary know how to re-organise the IT infrastructure and to help us writing a BCP.

Project Leader: Infrastructure & Document Handling

Start: 01. 10. 2006 - End: 31. 12. 2007

The goal of this project was a complete review of the document generation process, used software and infrastructure.
We had to search new suppliers (hard- and software), analyse and document the new processes and coordinate the project.

Responsable ICT Infrastructure

Start: 01. 05. 2005 - End: 01. 10. 2006

We had the operationale responsability over the complete ICT infrastructure. Including all related projects, budgets and external service providers.
We reported to the IT Manager and COO.

Project leader: PC replacement

Start: 01. 04. 2006 - End: 01. 10. 2006

The goal was to replace approximatly 200 PC's and to upgrade an extra 200 PC's to Windows XP.
We were responsible from for the complete project: purchace, planning, budget, follow-up and roll-out.

Curriculum Vitae

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